About Us

Youngstown Native Elizabeth “Lizzy” Fisher, also known as Slayed By Liz, is the founder, CEO and owner of Slayed By Liz LLC. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist that specializes in braiding hair. A Social Media Influencer who is known for mixing different braiding hair colors to make custom colors. She grew her presence on social media during the pandemic organically. She has 116k followers on Instagram, 199k on TikTok, and 2,500 Subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is constantly growing and learning.

Elizabeth comes from very humble beginnings. She was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. She always had a love and passion for doing hair. She taught herself how to braid at a young age and would do all of her friends hair. 
 She dropped out of high school in 10th grade and got her GED in 2009 at the age of 22. She attended Raphael’s beauty school from 2009-2010.
Half way through beauty school Elizabeth dropped out and moved to Akron, Ohio. She worked regular jobs and was even homeless for awhile. She was tired of working for other people and still had a passion for hair.
Elizabeth went back to beauty school in 2018 at the age of 30. While in beauty school she quit her job and focused on school. She caught the bus to and from school everyday. She lived off of tips she made from school, hair she did out of her apartment, and the help and support of her husband. A month before graduation everything shut down due to Covid. A few months later she graduated in April 2020. She didn’t celebrate her graduation like she would have wanted to and state board was still closed from Covid. She took that time to study and practice for her test. She later took her state board test and passed in September 2021. 

After officially becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist Elizabeth was eager to work for herself and do what she loved. Unfortunately it was still Covid and she couldn’t do hair like she wanted to. Still unemployed Elizabeth started braiding her mannequin heads. Her goal was to perfect her craft and create a portfolio to showcase what she could do. She started a YouTube channel and eventually made her way to TikTok. While on YouTube she came across someone blending braiding hair and was inspired. She was excited to see what she could create. She staring blending all sorts of colors and fell in love with it. She started going viral on TikTok and was working tirelessly to build her brand. She did this all from her small living room apartment. All she had was a back drop, ring light, and her phone.

Elizabeth saved up for her own space and moved in her loft March 2022. She had a very small clientele but believed she could, so she did. Now almost going on 2 yrs in business working for herself, she has grown and continues to grow. She is always pushing and striving for greatness. She believed in herself and never gave up!!